Troubleshooting Hapara

Have you had a few issues here or there getting Hapara to do what you want it to do? Here are some troubleshooting tips!

  1. It’s saying my students aren’t connected, but I can tell they’re logged on.
    • First, be sure they’re logged on to their FLCS account. It is possible that they’re logged on to their personal Google account. If this is the case, encourage them to only use their school account at school.
    • Next, have them try reconnecting to Hapara. The student will just need to click on their Hapara extension icon which is on the far right of their screen. This will take them through a series of tests  and tell the student where the breakdown is happening. The icon looks like this… Hapara Link
    • If they don’t have the icon, have them log off and log back on using their FLCS login.
  2. I would like to see their screens while I’m away from my desk. 
  3. How do I save the image of their screen for later viewing? 
    • Snaps‘ can only be done through the Activity Viewer tab which is located in Highlights. A camera will appear and will send the information over to your ‘Snaps.’ Snaps are only saved for 7 days, so you may want to email it yourself.
    • From the Current Screens tab, you can view the screenshot by clicking on the three dots and save it to your computer.
    • Saving Image
  4. When I try to lock down their screen to more than 1 website, it kicks them out of the first site. 
    • You must put all the websites you want students to go to on the same line.
    • After each website,  click the down arrow to the right of the URL bar. opening websites
    • If this does not immediately turn off their other tabs, have them reconnect to Hapara by clicking on the Hapara icon in the upper right side of their screen. Hapara Link
  5. The screen that I see on Hapara is not what is currently showing on the student’s device. 
    • It can take a few minutes (hopefully <1 minute) for Hapara to update.
    • Unfortunately, it could be an internet speed issue. If this is an ongoing issue, let me know. We hope to increase the internet speeds into the individual classrooms across the district over the summer.
  6. It says that my student is logged onto 2 devices. 
    • You can click on the computer icons that are appearing in that dialog box to see what each screen is currently viewing.
    • This is potentially a security issue for the students. Please remind students of the issues and concerns that can arise when using someone else’s computer.
    • When doing ‘focused browsing,’ both students will be locked out of the other websites if this error is appearing.
  7. My student has an error that says is using focused browsing, but that teacher isn’t me! 
    • Tell the student to shut off their chromebook and restart it. That should reconnect to their own FLCS account.
    • Again, this is likely happening because they have 2 people logged onto their Google account.

As always, let me know if you’re having any other issues!


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