Navigating the changes in Google Forms

Google made some changes to their Forms app. Everything we need is still there, but it sure does look different. Here are some FAQ regarding the changes.

Why is Google always changing?

  • Google gets feedback all the time about how they can improve their product. Some changes make sense for the education realm whereas other changes make sense for the business side of Google. The happy medium can be difficult to reach.

What are the major changes?

  • The #1 biggest change is just the location of where the popular items are. Everything is still there. It’s can just be a challenge to find it at first. Don’t be afraid to click to find to something. With Google’s auto-save, you won’t lose your work. I’ll try to show you locations of the most popular items below.
  • The appearance also changed, which I kind of like. It seems more professional, clean, and they’ve added themes too which is kind of nice to have new ones to choose from.
  • My favorite change is the responses tab. It allows you to toggle between individual responses and the summary. The summary has great little pie graphs to show you how students responded to each question. This could be a huge asset to show to students as you go over the test or survey together.Unnamed image.png

Can I turn the form on and off to increase the security of the test questions? 

  • Yes! It’s easier than ever now!
  • Go to Responses and move the sliding dot until the color turns off.

Accepting responses.png


Where are the settings so I can collect my students’ usernames, change the number of times they can take the test, and etc.?

Untitled image (3).png

Untitled image (4).png

Where is the spreadsheet, so I can use Flubaroo to grade the assignment?

  • Click responses which is at the top of the assignment. You’ll see a little green square with a white cross in the middle.
  • You’ll be directed to create a new spreadsheet just in the same way as the old Form.

Untitled image (5)

How do I add a new question, title, etc.?

  • The blue plus sign is gone and replaced with this scrolling banner. It scrolls with you so you can keep adding.

Adding questions 3 .png

  • 1. You can change the question type
  • 2. Make the question required. If it’s slid to the right or colored, it’s required.
  • 3. Duplicate the questions. This makes making the “Google Form Scantron” super easy.

Editing Questions 2

How do I send the form? I can’t find the link.

  •  Click send.
  • In the new dialogue box, click the link. It’ll give you the web address that you can attach to your Google Classroom.  Of course, the other options are still available if you wanted to email, embed the form in a website, or share via social media.

Sending Form.png

Let me know if I’ve missed a popular item and you’d like to see it added!



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