#DLDay at Lapel

Digital Learning Day (#DLDay) took an interesting and exciting turn at Lapel this year! Not only did teachers showcase the digital tools and learning that has been ongoing this school year, but teachers also were able to go and learn from one another.

The teachers documented their digital lesson on a shared Google Sheet. Other teachers then signed up to go watch the digital lesson that piqued their interest or most applied to their own classroom. Luckily we have a pretty awesome village at Lapel that rallied behind one another to help cover classes so that teachers could go and learn from one another.

It looks like NearPod, MobyMax, and the Desmos Graphing Calculator took the cake with the most used and visited digital tools. Yet new tools also rose to the occasion such as Prodigy Games for Math, BoomWriter for Writing, and Quest for Science.

Feedback was mostly positive though it was a challenge for teachers to go see as much as they desired. Perhaps having a #DLWeek would have provided the availability to go and do more than what was possible in one day.

Being able to not only showcase the digital learning that takes place in our own classrooms, but also to learn from one another can have positive and encouraging affects.  In fact, one piece of feedback stated…

Email Response 2

In one word, collaboration made #DLDay at Lapel a success! Hats off to everyone who made it possible!

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