Edulastic- It’s fantastic!

When we first started hearing about the newest College & Career Readiness Standards, the updated question types associated with the new assessments wasn’t far behind.  We immediately started the hunt for those enhanced question types like drag and drop, highlighting text in the passage, line plots, creating pictographs, and sorting/classifying that everyone was scaring us with. Nothing was really out there yet. Ho hum! We all did the best we could with preparing our students for these new assessments.  

More recently, with the NWEA and state practice tests in full swing, the need for the tech-enhanced questions became more apparent and widespread. Still unable to find anything useful, I blasted out an email to other tech coaches around the state. I heard back from one enthusiastic coach who had just recently uncovered Edulastic. I couldn’t wait to get back to my desk to check it out. It’s fantastic! Moreover, it’s exactly what so many of us have been searching for! Check out some example questions below. 

Drag and DropClassify2 part questions

Take a little walk through Edulastic, create a sample test, or use one from their library. If you wanted to play around with creating your own test, the dashboard is where you want to go. Once there, click on the create new test button on the top right of your screen. If you just wanted to check out some example tests, head on over to the assessment library to just look around and see what you can see.  Both locations allow you to filter your search by grade level and standard.

Searching the site

In reflection of how to use this resource with your class, some might find it helpful to create extremely simple tests that would allow students to just practice how to drag and drop, how to highlight words in the passage, what to do if the response doesn’t ‘stick’ in the answer box, how many answers to select when it’s multiple-select, and other test-taking strategies that come along with tech-enhanced questions.

It’s not quite fair to boast about a site without giving full disclosure. It is time consuming to create tests on your own, but there are quite a few  questions that you can choose from if you wanted to hand select your questions . There are also lots of tests/quizzes already connected to standards if you wanted to just use those; however, I wasn’t quite thrilled with the library tests. They just didn’t seem to correlate well and very few had more than just 3-5 questions. With everything that’s new, it’ll get better.  

As your tech coach, I’m thrilled to help write tests using your ‘old’ ones as a guide or share the work with other members of your grade level or department team.


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