I love Padlet! It’s a great way to collaborate, brainstorm and organize. Students can write post-it notes, attach videos, recordings, documents and etc. The best part is that the students (or teacher) can then organize the items to show comparisons, contrasts, or simply group like topics together.

  1. Go to Padlet
  2. Click Create Something
  3. Click the gear shift on the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Give your Padlet a title, description, change the wallpaper, and copy/paste the address to your Google Classroom by clicking on the address button.

Here are some lesson ideas that might spark some imagination!

  • Graphic Organizers- Set up the basic organization and let the students go! They can create their own post-its and organize. The teacher can then quickly glance over and see where the focus for the unit needs to be.
  • Digital Study Guide- Create a class Padlet for the unit or have students create their own. Throughout the unit, have them attach videos, recordings, notes, and etc. that can serve as a digital study guide. Prior to the test, have students sort the resources in timeline order.
  • Student Brainstorms- Have students jot down all things that come to mind when thinking of a topic. Students can organize them by paragraph and thus create a psuedo-web.
  • Monitor Thinking over the Course of the Unit Have students jot down their thoughts on the 3 essential questions that you’ve outlined for the unit. Have students respond to those questions at key points in the unit to see how (and answer why) their thinking changed. This could be a great idea for novels. How did our opinions change about the characters? How did the theme change and why?

There are many other websites and resources that have additional ideas! Dig away!

20 Ways to Use Padlet in the Classroom

Teacher’s Guide to using Padlet

Educational Ways to use Padlet


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