Why Integrate Technology?

Why technology? Ready. Set. Go. We all have a response.

My favorite response says that through technology integration “students … begin to take more control over their own learning. Effective tech integration changes classroom dynamics, encouraging student-centered project-based learning.” (“How to Integrate Technology”)

I love this image by George Couros which was posted on his blog.

How is your instruction encouraging student voice? Choice? Reflection? Innovation? Critical thinking? Problem solving? Self-assessment? and  a connection to the world? 

These 8 instructional strategies outlined for us by Mr. Couros are very clearly good instruction. Yet there are aspects that simply are not possible without the use of technology. So we could deduce that good instruction must integrate a healthy dose of tech.

Here’s your challenge! Think about your next unit. How might you give students a stronger voice or choice?  What can students create or build? How might students be given the opportunity to go on a tangent with their learning? What critical & higher order thinking can take place? Depth is always better than breadth.  Call me! I want to help!


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