A Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard is perfect! I mean that kind of perfect when you sip that hot cup of coffee on a chilly Saturday morning while watching College Game Day. You feel me? Yeah, I thought so!

Go to the A Web Whiteboard link.

Click Start Drawing.

You can create mathematical equations, draw scientific illustrations, edit sentences together, create a forum to discuss a topic, draw and interact with graphic organizers, scrap-booking, full-class drawing, and…, and…, and… Your wheels are spinning, aren’t they? I hope so!

Once you have your drawing opened, go ahead and share it with your class. Click on the people with the plus sign icon on the bottom left. Then click Invite to Board. Share that link with your students on your Google Classroom. Be careful on which classes you choose to share the link with. You may want to start each class period with a fresh drawing- you may not.


You can skip the next step if you’re okay with the silly names the computer generates. Apricot Pepper Pig just may not suit your 6’5″ beefy football player, plus it would be beneficial to see who is saying and writing what.

Direct students back to the people with the plus sign. This time click on Show Users. Change their name.


Now students can interact with the drawing in a variety of ways. Click on A on the left hand side toolbar. It’ll open a dialog box and you can choose how you’d like to draw. You can choose to type instead of draw by clicking on the A in the new dialog box. Students may also include an image if they’d like by clicking on the landscape button. If you want to assign a color to each group/student working, you can do that clicking on the very top black box.


Alrighty, after you’ve collaborated. you can download the image to turn in or post on your Google Classroom site for absent students or for later review. Simply click on the people with the plus sign again. This time click Download Image and save it to your google drive.


See. Perfect, huh?

As always, I’m here for you!


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