Do you teach math? Language Arts? Writing? Science? Social Studies? Are you looking for digital content for students to practice a specific skill? Are you looking for ideas of how to assess a specific standard? Are you looking for station-work ideas? If you didn’t answer yes to at least one of those questions, you may not work in a school building.

Courtesy of Mrs. Rich and Mrs. Kinner, was presented to me today and I couldn’t hold onto this. I just knew you would love it too!

  • Go to OpenEd and click Join for FreeJoin for free
  • Follow the steps to create your own account. I always choose to use my Google login because it’s just easy.

Google Login

  • Continue creating an account, but skip creating your roster for now. There are some neat features with that, and I definitely recommend it. I would just wait until you’re certain this is going to be beneficial long-term.
  • In the upper toolbar, click on Resource Library, then select your grade, Resource Type, and Standard. You don’t have to type anything in the search bar unless you want to narrow your search down even more. You will also want to click Free, so you don’t get tricked into a great resource that costs $15. That’s so annoying! Resource Library
  • You can now search through the resources, figure out what’s going to be best for your students and open the link.
  • From here, you can decide to assign it to the student (only if your roster is in place) or just simply open the website in a new tab (this is what I would do).

Playing and Assigning

  • Once you open the link, you can go through the site and make sure it is indeed what you want. From here, share the link with the students through a Google Classroom announcement.
  • You would need to copy (right click; copy) the URL link (the https://www… ).
  • Open your Google Classroom, create an announcement, click the chain link, and paste.

Unnamed image

Another awesome feature of OpenEd is tracking assessment data and then assigning remedial work. There is a great video that can be found by going to the Mastery Chart.  I’m just not convinced that feature will be beneficial for everyone.

Overall, this site is a great digital library. OpenEd has done the ‘googling’ for us, which will undoubtedly save us time!

As always, I’m support staff! Let me know how I can support you!

Go Dogs!


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