Short Quizzes and Spelling Tests on Google Forms

Are you tired of grading short quizzes and spelling tests? Let the computer grade for you!

1.) First go to Google Forms and open a new form.

Spelling Test

2.) Make sure check marks are next to the “Require,” “Automatically,” and “Only” phrases. This helps increase the security of the test.

3.) Go ahead and change the name of the assignment by clicking in the box titled Untitled Form.

4.) You will see “Question Title.” This is where the question actually goes. Be sure that question 1 is always the student name. You’ll have to have that for Flubaroo (who comes up with these names?) to grade your test.

If you’re creating a spelling test just type in (1.) (2.) and so on for each question AFTER the name question. This is similar to the age-old direction “number your paper from 1-20.” Everyone else (not creating a spelling test) would simply type in the question in that box. You can include a ‘help text’ or hint if you like, but I rarely do.  

5.) You may now choose what type of response you want the question to be by clicking on Question Type. For spelling tests, change it to text. Students will type the word that you call out verbally. Otherwise, decide  what fits your needs the best- probably multiple choice.

6.) Be sure Required Answer is checked and click Add Item.

7.) Continue the same process until you’ve completed the number of questions you want on your quiz.

8.) To get an idea of what the students will see as well as create the key for the test, click on View Live Form in the upper toolbar. While creating the key, be sure to put ANSWER KEY in the name section, then select or type each correct answer and hit submit. The responses will be case sensitive for spelling tests.

9.) Once complete, you can go back to the original form and click Send Form and share the link via Google Classroom just as you would when creating an assignment or announcement. Be sure to share the link! It won’t let you add it via your Google Drive.

10.) Flubaroo is a great add-on and does a great job grading. Simply click on View Responses in the top toolbar. A Google Sheet will open then click Add-on in the toolbar and search for flubaroo. Once you run flubaroo, it will walk you through the steps.

Do keep in mind that students will need to click Mark as Done on their Google Classroom Assignment in order for it to appear that they’ve completed the test and not get alerts.

Also, Classroom won’t update the grade (Bummer!). You’ll have to find the grade on the View Responses button.

As always, let me know how I can help!


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