DocHub, Save to Google, and NearPod

Did you know that the Google Chrome browser has items that might make your life easier? Simply type Google Web Store in your search bar, open the link, and look around. There might be some items that are specific to your grade level or specific content area.  When you’ve found something you might like just click “add to chrome.”

Here are 3 good ones…

  1. DocHub  – allows everyone to read and edit PDF forms. You could easily scan a worksheet to your gmail using Uncle Ricoh, attach that worksheet to Google Classroom, and have the students manipulate the worksheet. Students can then export it back to Google Drive and add it to Google Classroom with 2 clicks. Bada Bing Bada Boom. I will give you fair warning; there isn’t a great way to grade that worksheet and turn it back to the students. Try this link!
  2. Save to Google Drive – allows you to save a link or image directly to your google drive. Once you’ve added it to your Chrome, you’ll just have to right click (Windows Devices) or two-finger click (Chromebook) to save anything to your Google Drive. Yes, it makes stealing digital property easier. Just be sure to give the author credit.
  3. NearPod Beefs up those old presentations. Allows you to upload a google slide or powerpoint presentation. You can then add quizzes, polls, short answers, and images/maps to be drawn on. This will most definitely increase student engagement, but will also give you a clearer picture on what students know and understand before they walk out of your class. We’re in the business of learning, so anything that might help students learn is a friend of mine.

As always, feel free to send me an email and I’d be happy to walk you through any of these above. Have a happy weekend! Go Dogs!


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